Jesters Better Vanilla Fauna V1.0

Jesters Better Vanilla Fauna V1.0

This mod will remaster all Fauna/Creatures in game, 318 in total which equates to 1134 individual textures.

Everything has been updated to 2x resolution and max detail, along with better color, shading and lighting.

I will be including two versions for each file uploaded, One with updated x2 resolution normals, and one without normals. (the game will use default normals instead).

Please note: If you are experiencing graphical oddities with the normal map version of this mod, try downloading the alternate version without custom normal maps instead, it should fix the issue.



Download mod

File File size
rar 1 Bipeds without normals-1-0 605 MB
rar 1 Bipeds with normals-1-0 934 MB
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