BZW Starnova Recolor V1.1

BZW Starnova Recolor V1.1

A simple retexture of BZW’s Nova Terra armor replacer. The mesh was great, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the texture, so I decided to try to go with a more timeless, traditional Nova look that we all know and love.

This retexture also modifies the normal map, so if you prefer the textured look on the breastplate be sure to use the original normal map.

Use Mod Manager or Vortex. Or copy data folder to Documents\My Games\Starfield\
It’s recommended to set your body shape to 100% “thin” (If you don’t the body mesh will clip through the outfit)
If you do notice clipping you can change your body for 500 creds at Enhance! on Neon, New Atlantis, Cydonia, Akila City, or Paradiso.
Type in console additem 0018B54A

Requires: BZW Starnova (Nova Terra)



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zip BZW Starnova Recolor-1-1 13 MB
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