Realistic Stars V1.2

Realistic Stars V1.1

Starfield version of my FO4 mod but better. Install to Data folder like other texture mods.

Based on real images, you can see the milky way. Attention was placed on fine detail and relative brightness.

The real milky way is there as would be seen, but it´s much less bright than the source image to try and replicate roughly how it might look from a planetary surface in our neighbourhood (systems are within a relatively small range when looking at a galactic scale their viewpoints are near identical.

It´s subtly different from the vanilla sky look, bethesda have made stars much better this time around so it might not be much of a difference. The look I wanted was that only the brighter stars shine but if you look closer there are infinite stars behind.

There’s an 8k and a 4k version, keep in mind these are only one texture and they need to be high res because they cover the sky and the whole idea of this mod is crisp looking stars. The 8k version uses 32MB of vram and the 4K uses 8MB.

Disable FSR or DLSS etc for best results (this might change when they implement DLSS officially). Some have reported it works well will the frame generation mod and the update mentioned blurry textures with upscaling has been fixed so your results may vary. Test without to see if there’s a difference.

If you stay very still you can see them twinkle.

This comparison image was created using version 1_7_33 with DLSS3.5 set to 50% scale (performance) and 70% sharpness and using the blurry textures upscaling fix as well. 1920×1080 source zoomed to 200% – at 3840×2160 it might look good using performance dlss, I can´t test 4k currently.

Install using a mod manager or extract the data folder to to my documents\my games\starfield\ – or wherever your other texture mods are.

IMPORTANT delete the pipeline.cache file in – Users\ \AppData\Local\Starfield
IMPORTANT set up your starfield ini to work with loose files if you didn´t already

If this isn´t done, the texture won´t update

The affected file from this mod is

If you aren´t sure, install this mod later than the others to overwrite. It will only replace the starfield texture on planets and in space..

Delete the Data\Textures\sky\ file.
Delete the pipeline.cache file in – Users\ \AppData\Local\Starfield



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