Retexture Project – Starfield – WIP V1.0

Retexture Project - Starfield - WIP V1.0

Starfields first Retexture Mod which aims to cover most common surfaces with higher resolution Textures.

The goal of this mod is to retexture Starfield with higher resolution textures staying as close to vanilla as possible. Most common surface textures used in Starfield is also available on Quixel Megascans which makes this a slightly easier job for me.

This mod will utilize everything that the current engine is capable of which is full PBR system with a lot of attention to details. I will update this mod over time with new texture coverage. All textures available here will only be in 4K currently, anything below is just not worth since that’s Starfields native resolution on 90% of the textures, and i personally don’t use 8K since it just eats performance for the little “quality” gain.

Just an heads up, this is a super early stage of this mod so the textures won’t look exacly the same as vanilla and you might experience seam breaking bugs with the lighting. This only happens on a very few places, but still happens and i’m trying to figure out why.

Screenshots are kinda scuffed atm, expect new ones when i have time to take proper screenshots

How to install:
Extract files into Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\Data <-- this folder Or use Mod Organizer 2 (Strongly recommended) Remember to add this line into StarfieldCustom.ini:



Download mod

File File size
rar Concrete - So far-1-0 334 MB
rar New Atlantis - So far-1-0 529 MB
rar Wood - So far-1-0 655 MB
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