John Wick Dark Suit V1.0

John Wick Dark Suit V1.0

Replaces texture of an.. “old world” suit you can obtain from a certain questline.

To not spoil where the suit comes from as much as possible, this is a texture replacement for an old-world suit you can obtain from a certain questline.
Orrr you can just player.additem 0021BBF1

If you do not already have StarfieldCustom.ini in your /My Games/Starfield/ create a new text file and rename it and put the following lines in:

Manual Install:
Extract contents to /My Games/Starfield/

Due to the way texture mods work, using My Games instead of game root, Vortex/Mod managers probably won’t work (unless they’ve patched it to symlink or otherwise account for the separation)



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