Sexy Real Magazines V1.2

Sexy Real Magazines V1.2

Sexy replacements of the in-game magazine covers with something more realistic.

I was tired of the magazines in Starfield looking so bland, but I couldn’t use NSFW mods. Especially for streaming.

Three of the Constellation mags are of Sara, Andreja, and Noel.
All the other models have made up names and signatures or none at all.

All images are handcrafted starting with AI characters and edited with Photoshop. I put hours of work into these reskins. AI did about half the work, I did the other half. This mod replaces ONLY magazines, not posters and paintings. So, mods that only change those should work fine with this mod.

The latest 1.2 update includes the mandatory “stretched” novagalacticflightmanual02_color image. I have no idea why Bethesda made ONLY this file require a different format, but hey… “it just works” right?

Use your favorite mod manager to install


+ Extract the Data folder into your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder
+ Create a StarfieldCustom.ini (if you don’t have one already) file into your Documents\My Games\Starfield
+ Edit the StarfieldCustom.ini and add the lines below:




Download mod

File File size
zip Sexy Real Magazines-1-2 21 MB
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