Skimpy Venator V2.1

Skimpy Venator

As of 2.0 update: An Stand-Alone skimpier version of the Venator Starborn Suit. It comes with a “Base” Spacesuit and 6 add-ons you can mix (Boots, Chestpiece, cape, Pants, Helmet and/or an Invisible helmet). works with or without a nude mod, but if your using one Robert S Male Body Replacer Mod is a great option.

Skimpy Venator V2.1


-Enable Archive Invalidation.
-Extract “Meshes“, “Geometries” & “SkimpyVenator.esm” inside your game’s Data directory. (Usually found in: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data.)
-Add the line sTestFileX=SkimpyVenator.esm under the [General] in your StarfieldCustom.ini file (And replace X with corresponding number)
-If you have plugin.txt enabler, add *SkimpyVenator.esm to your Plugins.txt file. (Make sure it has the * in front.)

How to get the Items:

In the game, open the console (Pressing the “~” key) and type: Help Skimpy.

Skimpy Venator V2.1



Next, if you installed the mod correctly, you should see the IDs for the 7 skimpy ARMO

Skimpy Venator V2.1







Next, use the player.additem+*item id* command:

Skimpy Venator V2.1



Press enter and look at the top-right corner for confirmat

Skimpy Venator V2.1







Download mod

File File size
rar Skimpy Venator Spacesuit 2.1 3 MB
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