ZMD 8k MilkyWay Stars Galaxy Variation V1.0

ZMD 8k MilkyWay Stars Galaxy Variation V1.0

Colourful and Vivid Retexture Variation from the original file source upscaled to 8k merging 25% of Coda13’s Realistic Stars, the source file and the vanilla file.ba2 or loose files versions. Maybe too bright for some settings.

8k MilkyWay Stars Galaxy Variation

Ba2 with your custom ini or loose files

Blends 3 textures source file from:

I wanted the stars and milky way to be a bit more colourful and brighter more visable than any mods I could find.
Maybe too bright for some settings. Photos using reshade with minimal tweeks.
Left the original Star in.

Edited orginal source file and upscaled
Edited Coda13’s Realistic Stars, used part as a blend (in line with permissions on modpage)
Edited 2 matching of the original vanilla and blended.
mutliple further lighting and colour edits to the image.

Loose files dds as normal (not for potatoe pc’s) or the best way:
requires the use of your StarfiledCustom.ini and how to correctly format and edit it:
StarfieldCustom.ini :
Under [archive]place at the end of where your other texture mod ba2 lines are separted by ,(space)
Ensure you have NO duplicate lines in your ini or duplicate headers, the StarfieldCustom.ini must be inside your documents/my games/starfield folder.

Here is a reference ini example with the correct formatting – edit yours how you need to for the ba2 ini mods you are using.

sResourceIndexFileList=Starfield – LODTextures.ba2, Starfield – Textures01.ba2, Starfield – Textures02.ba2, Starfield – Textures03.ba2, Starfield – Textures04.ba2, Starfield – Textures05.ba2, Starfield – Textures06.ba2, Starfield – Textures07.ba2, Starfield – Textures08.ba2, Starfield – Textures09.ba2, Starfield – Textures10.ba2, Starfield – Textures11.ba2, Starfield – TexturesPatch.ba2, zmdrepack.ba2, ZMDNewAtlantisPaintjob.ba2, SavrenX Crisp FloraZMrepak.ba2, ZMDHackedTransmission.ba2, ZMD8kmilkywayandStars.ba2



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