No Reactor Limit V1.10

No Reactor Limit V1.2

This removes the one reactor limit so you can have as many as you want.

Big thank you to kur00e, whos table this plugin is based on.

Install the SFSE.
Extract this so the file is placed as “Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins\Reactor-Count-Mod.dll”
Or use a mod manager or whatever. Just check the path.
Same as SFSE, this needs to be in the game dir, not the save dir.
Launch through SFSE. Or use something like SFSE – Launch on Steam with In-Game Overlay if you want to keep going through Steam.

The plugin will create “Reactor-Count-Mod.log” in the same directory on startup if it’s in the right spot.

This was made for the Steam version!
Other versions are untested, either the AoB scan works, or not. I am unable to test GP so hopefully it still does



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