Avontech Weapon Upgrades V1.0

Avontech Weapon Upgrades V1.0

Adds a second set of stats to weapons, in the style of an ARPG/Looter Shooter.

Features over 100,000 new weapon upgrades.

Also features blueprints for crafting.

Finding cool loot and making builds is one of the best aspects of ARPGs/Looter Shooters.

This mod attempts to add this to Starfield. It does this by adding new weapon mods with extra stats.

For example the Beowulf standard barrel can now be dropped with +10 Energy Damage, making it a hybrid weapon.

For every weapon mod in the game I’ve added upgrades with bonus stats. This means both long and short barrels both have a +10 Energy Damage version.

Mods are levelled, with strong ones becoming available as you level up.

To acquire these new mods there are two options:

Blueprints drop in POI boss chests, these are reusable.

New weapons can drop with the new modifications.

Blueprints must be held by the player to be used (otherwise the crafting table would show all possible recipes and be impossible to use).

Mods can only be replaced if you have the blueprint.

Possible upgrades:
+EM Damage
+EM Damage %
+Energy Damage
+Energy Damage %
+Physical Damage
+Physical Damage %
+Toxic Damage
+Cryo Damage
+Shock Damage
+Ammo Capacity
+Ammo Capacity %
-Spread %
+Crit Damage %
+Bash Damage %
Silencer (Makes weapon silent)
– 02 Costs %
+Bonus XP %
+Reload Speed %
-Damage Taken %
+Health Regen
+Carry Weight
+Jump Strength
+Movement Speed
-Stealth Visibility (How easy you are to see due to the light level)
-Stealth Tracking (How easy you are to see due to you moving)

Currently there is an engine bug around storing weapons in the lodge/companions.

Real Time Form Patcher (SFSE) – Used to add blueprints to the game



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