Colt 1911 Retextured V1.0

Colt 1911 Retextured V1.0


Made this lil retexture to test out how things work in the game.
Made new high poly for the grips to bake new normals, cuz the original ones are pretty unfortunate.
I think it turned out okay overall.

For now I didn’t touch XM2311 and sight attachments but I am planning to do that later on.

Can’t wait to add custom models into this game, have lot’s of ideas ­čÖé

Put the data folder in ‘Documents/My Games/Starfield’
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini file if you haven’t already.


Or alternatively install with MO2.
I don’t know how Vortex works, but I assume it works.


Oh Deer
Darkman´╗┐ – Converted models from nifs
HeroicPie´╗┐ – Helped converting textures and combining models properly and pictures
Triangulum´╗┐ – Pictures

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zip Colt 1911 Retextured 92 MB
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