CombaTech HVAP Assault Carbine (not Rifle) V1.0.4

CombaTech HVAP Assault Carbine (not Rifle) V1.0.4

Adds a sci-fi Standalone Assault Carbine\Rifle to the game. Comes with a bunch of attachments. Requires PAF

Main Info
The HVAP is a cheap CombaTech .43 Super Magnum Assault Carbine and can be found throughout the Settled Systems and beyond. The versatile cartridge and shape of the gun means you can use it as an assault smg, or a long-range sniper.

“Someone: If you could add some long weapons (rifles/smgs/shotguns) to Starfield, it would be soooo cool” – There you go my friend, hope you like it = D

– Standalone, integrated into the leveled lists (Read more on Tech Info)
– It requires PAF to work
– This is the first version, all mods will likely have to be updated for the new Starfield patch, so you can expect more attachments and tweaks in the next update.

More Info
The amazing model by ValterJherson is inspired by a 90’s classic anime, Ghost in The Shell. The original utilized .45 careless ammunition, so I thought it would only make sense for it utilize .43 in Starfield lore.
I wanted a AR like gun without ignoring that I’m in the XXIV century, this was the main reason for this pick. It also worked great with Equinox anims, so it was easy to decide. Other rifles\smgs models might be slightly harder to fit with existing animations.

Tech Info
– Spawn Lists integration will have a soft conflict with other mods that edit the “Drumbeat, AA99, and Maelstrom” Spawn lists. Meaning one will override the other
– The mod is all packed into BA2, should load fast. Main textures are 4k;
– Mod uses PAF for now, I’ll be making RAF (Rifle Attachment Framework), so that ARs, smgs, etc will have appropriate attachments.

Requires: Pistol Attachment Framework – PAF



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File File size
7z HVAP_AssaultCarbine 1.04 39 MB
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