Fully Automatic Orion Rifle V1.0

Fully Automatic Orion Rifle V1.0

This mod adds new standalone fully automatic Orion rifle to the game. Plus it adds new internal and barrel weapon mods for all Orion rifles. Vanilla as well. This should add more variety to your weapon arsenal! There is standard and legendary version. Both are craftable at Industrial Workbench. Enjoy!

Fully Automatic Orion Rifle Mod

Hello everyone and welcome to my new weapon mod!

I read somewhere that people wanted fully auto Orion, so I made this one, but as usual, just adding a simple weapon is boring, so I wanted to add some new mechanics as well!

What this mod adds to the game:

Standalone version of Orion Rifle that comes in standard + Legendary variant.

2 NEW Barrel weapon mods for ALL Orion Rifles. They are “super long barrel” that increases range by a lot. And second one is “Infused Barrel” that let’s you shoot Starborn Power every 25th shot!

NEW Internal weapon mod called “Superstrong Amplifier” that increases both fire rate and damage!

What is important to note: ALL this modifications are available for vanilla Orion as well.

See images section and video demonstration below for FULL details please!


1. Download with manager or manually.

2. Make sure Inquisitor_FullAutoOrion_PlusCustomisations_Mod.esm is inside:

3. Activate Inquisitor_FullAutoOrion_PlusCustomisations_Mod.esm inside plugins.txt at app data.

4. Make sure that:
Users\** your username **\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini has this:

” [Archive]
sResourceDataDirsFinal= ”



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