Star Wars YT-1300 Millennium Falcon 1977 V1.1

Star Wars YT-1300 Millennium Falcon 1977 V1.1

This mod adds Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from Star Wars original trilogy to Starfield. All modular, custom-made, and colorable. No mods necessary.


The Millennium Falcon is a heavily modified YT-1300 Corellian light freighter previously owned by numerous individuals including Lando Calrissian and Han Solo and she is a smuggler’s ship which boasts herself to be the fastest ship in the galaxy. Now she belongs to you! Enjoy sailing her to the every corner of Starfield galaxy!

This ship utilizes vanilla meshes:
1. Habs (Hab)
2. 2 Horizon weapon mounts and 3 equipment plates (Structural)
3. 1 Particle weapon (secondary) and 1 Missile (tertiary)

This ship has custom-designed ship parts:
4. 1 YT-1300 Bay (Bay)
5. 5 YT-1300 Landers (Gears) – 3 single and 2 dual
6. 1 YT-1300 Fuselage (for encapsulation) (Structural)
7. 1 YT 1300 Cockpit (Cockpit)
8. 1 Quadex power core (Reactor)
9. 1 Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive (Grav)
10. 1 YT-1300 shielded Cargo (Cargo)
11. 1 YT-1300 fuel tank (Fuel)
12. 1 Torplex Deflector with Nordoxicon Anti-concussion, Novaldex stasis-type (Shield)
13. 1 Carbanti 29L Scan Jammer (Equipment)
14. 1 YT-1300 Docker (Docker)
15. 2 Lasers (primary) – CEC AG-2G Quad lasercannons – top and btm
16. 1 Girodyne SRB42 sublight engine (Engine)


Install with ModOrganizer 2 or Install with Plugin.txt mod

While in game

Visit any shipyard or use your own shipyard to bring up the parts. (Taiyo sells equipment plates)

Before you build

Due to the nature of ship building in this manner and lack of tools for making precise collision meshes, it is mandatory for you to put this line in your Starfieldcustom.ini


Important Note

Ignore this (People say this mod works with no issues with the latest game build. )

This mod only works, for now, up to 1.8.88 patch. If you updated Starfield after Jan. 30, 2024 (1.9.xx
version), this mod is NOT for you.

I never attempt to satisfy everyone. It is impossible and plain silly. On the contrary, I made this for a small number of friends who are interested in seeing the Falcon in Starfield. Special thanks to Damien who encouraged me and has patiently waited for this.

Build Manual
Building time: average 30 min (If you are really fast, you can do it in 10 min) Follow simple 16 steps.

1. Habs

Create a 3×3 hab using any combinations.

For example,
Place a 2×2 hab (I recommend Nova 2×2 AIO hab)
Place a 3×1 hab on the port side. (I recommend Nova 3×1 Engineering hab)
Place two 1×1 habs (I recommend Nova 1×1 storage hab) on the aft side of 2×2 hab.
Place a 1x1hab on the middle fore point of the main 3×3 hab.

Now here comes the tricky part:
Place a 3×1 Invisible “front” hab on the fore side of the frontal 1×1 hab.
Place a 1×1 invisible “side” hab on the port aft side of the 3×3 hab.
Duplicate it and place another 1×1 “invisible –side” hab next to it.

Refer to media section of this mod for pictures and a video.

2. Weapon and equipment mounts (Structural)

Place 2 weapon mounts on each side and 3 equipment plates on top.

3. Weapons (Particleand missile)

Mount weapons of your choice on each side (i.e. Particle on port, Missile on Stbd)
Lower the level by pressing F a few times so that weapons get mounted on the lower side of weapon mounts.

4. Bay

Place YT-1300 bay under the middle, stbd, btm side of the 3×3 hab.

5. Gear

Place 5 YT-1300 landing gears on the bottom of habs
1) 1 single gear under btm of 1×1 hab
2) 2 single gears under the fore btm 3×3 hab
3) 2 dual gears of 3×3 hab. Under aft btm

6. Fuselage (Structural)

Place the YT-1300 fuselage on the very center of 3×3 hab. She is 34.75m long, from stem to stern.

From now, it is so easy. Just feel the force.

7. Cockpit

Place the YT-1300 cockpit on the top right corner of fuselage.

8. Reactor

Place the YT-1300 reactor (C class) on the btm left side.

9. Grav

Place the YT-1300 grav drive on the btm right side.

10. Cargo

Place the YT-1300 Cargo hold next to Grav drive.

11. Fuel

Place the YT-1300 fuel tank on the upper right side.

12. Shield

Place YT-1300 shield on the top front part of fuselage.

13. Scan Jammer (Rectenna dish) (Equipment)

Place the YT-1300 scan jammer on the top left side.

14. Docker

Place YT-1300 Docker on the far right (middle stbd) side.

15. Laser Cannons(weapon)

Place YT-1300 Quad laser cannons one on top and the other on the bottom.

16. Engine

Finally, place YT-1300 sublight engine on the aft of the ship.

Paint Job

I will leave this totally up to you. Be creative. Have fun 😉

I recommend:

Select all by double clicking any ship part (When everything turns red,…)

Color 1: main inner color (default light gray) leave it as is or make it whitish
Color 2: main outer color (default light gray) change it to slightly dark gray (not too dark!)

Now, when finished, click only Fuselage and change

Color 3: default dark red. Change it to brighter solid red (Change it to violet blue if you like Lando’s version)

Select 5 landing gears and change Color 1 2 3 almost white gray, if necessary.

Congratulations! You’ve built the most iconic starship in the SF cinema history!

User manual

Laser cannon
When in game, make sure you give laser enough juice so that top and btm lasers fire rapidly. I handpicked and edited the sound FX to
emulate the Quad laser sound. The sound replaces Shinigami Laser sound with brand-new ones so any mod that modifies the sound is in conflict with my mod.

Sublight engine
Han modified the ship so that the engine is ridiculously fast (as it should be.) You can lose any fighter or chasing ship in a second with
a blazing speed. Thrust button is left shift key by default. If it is too fast,
you can press S key to stop thrusting immediately after. So it would be simultaneous left shift +S to get the amazing speed and stop immediately.

There is no Navmesh at the beginning (and the end)of narrow passageway that connects main fuselage and the cockpit so your companions
won’t be able to follow you. I spent so much time trying to connect as smoothly as possible by creating the mesh in blender vertex by vertex, but the angle and adjusting the orientation was extremely challenging to work correctly, hence the current state.

It’s the Falcon. What more explanation is necessary? 😉

Well, in the famous trench run in Ep. IV: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker was on the verge of
being incinerated, most ironically, by his own father when his father said, “I
have you, now”. The Red 5 X-wing was locked on. The death of his own son was
imminent, literally a button away. And…“What??!@,” shouted Vader in
bewilderment. A hamburger-shaped flying saucer suddenly jetted in out of the
blue and saved the day (and thereby the entire galaxy, at least for the time
being.) So, Luke turned out to be totally wrong when he initially shouted and called
it “What a piece of junk!” without knowing what role it would play in the
rebellion against the Empire in the entire Star Wars saga.

This is the reason I decided to build this ship: the ship was used to save the Star Wars
universe from evil Sheev Palpatine. Let’s celebrate the ship in Starfield and live the legacy.



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