Microgun X-989 Red Devil V1.0

Microgun X-989 Red Devil V1.0

The default X-989 Microgun skin matches the UC Urbanwar/Shock armor very well. While I like that, it makes more sense to me that it matches the Anti-Xeno armor more due to its acquisition. So, I offer my personal retexture for those that are interested.

-Dark Blue outer shell is now black
-Metallic Blue (supposed to be titanium I think) is now just a metallic steel color.
-Brownish/Beige colors are now either a black, grey, or steel color depending on location.
-Added a red accent color around the base of the barrel
-Added a Red Devil Decal to the gun (alternate version to not have it as well).
-Most decals that were black/white are now colored like the base microgun skin.
-Magazine now has colored stripes on it like the base microgun skin as well. (I didn’t care for the white ones).

All other colors were left untouched as I wanted to keep the default aesthetic of the weapon intact.

-Install via a mod manager like Vortex. Or manually extract to your game directory.
-Can only use one at a time (so either with decal or without)

-I do not normally make my mods to be compatible with others. It is a simple texture mod and should be compatible with mods that allow you to apply skins to guns such as Craftable Weapon Skins – CWS



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