Packaged Produce V1.0

Packaged Produce V1.0

Now you can box up your fruit and vegetables! And unbox them as you please.

This mod contains boxes of fruit and vegetables you can do whatever you like with. Throw them, use them as decoration in your ship, leave them in Ron Hope’s office for no particular reason, or use them as a convoluted unnecessary storage solution for all the plums you picked up. It’s your life!

What this mod does:
Adds boxed variants of carrots, celery, grapes, lettuce, onions, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, potatoes, tomatoes, and watermelon. These boxes can be crafted, if you can find the necessary amount of fruit or vegetables to craft them, and they can be broken back down into their component fruits/vegetables losslessly.

To craft them, just visit any cooking station with the required amount of fruit or vegetables. No perks or research needed for knowing how to put produce in a box.

Optionally, using Real Time Form Patcher, boxed fruit can be found in the wild in certain loot lists – if you’re struggling to find enough fruit or vegetables, then finding one of these boxes in the wild will probably set you up for life. (This optional file will be coming in a future update, it requires more extensive testing to make sure the boxes appear in the loot lists correctly.)

Two versions of the mod are provided, please check the “Notes” section further down for more details.

Base game only
Real Time Form Patcher is an optional extra, if you’d like natural ways to acquire these boxes full of produce currently.

Installation & Compatibility:
Any time, any place! This mod is all new forms, no overrides (not at present, anyway). Won’t conflict with anything.
You shouldn’t uninstall if you have baked this mod into your save, but if you insist on doing this, then make absolutely sure you have broken any and all boxes down into their vanilla fruit/vegetable forms via a cooking station.

Notes about the mod:
The boxes are very heavy. This is because I made their weight match the texture. To keep the realism going, the amount of produce they contain is exactly the amount that the in-game weight for a given food will fit into the total weight of the box (rounding down or up where appropriate) – for example, as oranges are considered 0.2kg, and their box weighs 18.25kg, a whopping 91 oranges fit into the box. …Somehow. Personally, eyeballing it, I don’t think any of these boxes would hold quite that much! But math is math, and I want to stick to Bethesda’s numbers for funsies. I don’t think a surplus of oranges will break any game balance anyway.
Point is, you’ll need a LOT of produce to craft one, and finding a box rewards a motherlode of produce in return. As an aside, this also means every box is valued at number of fruit multiplied by value of fruit. As detailed in the “Future Plans” section below, I hope to eventually connect this with outposts/farming for immersion.

If that doesn’t really interest you and you just want them to be really simple and easy to craft and don’t want them to appear in any loot lists or in the world, there’s an optional bare-bones basic version provided too, which cuts the weight down to 0.01 and 1 fibre will give you 10 boxes. These basic boxes don’t provide any components, but it’s a great cheap way to just make a bunch of decorative boxes for your outpost or ship. The basic version is standalone, and won’t be updated in the future except to add boxed lemons and boxed limes. Please bear in mind that the basic version and the main file are two separate mods and are not compatible with each other. Don’t try to use both at the same time, or switch from one to the other mid-save. Pick the version you’d like, and stick to that version.

As food crafting is affected by perks, you can basically infinitely generate free fruit and vegetables out of thin air by repeatedly boxing and unboxing them. I’m not considering this a bug as I’d prefer to keep crafting lossless, so you’ll have to restrain yourself from the overwhelming temptation to make a million oranges. Unless making a million oranges is your next in-game challenge. For some reason.



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