Nova Weapons V1.0

Nova Weapons V1.0

Want more particle pew pew? Dont like the look of the Va’ruun weapons? Well here is the Novarifle! A new standalone particle rifle from Arboron!

I introduce to you the Novarifle, a particle damage-based rifle, which can be crafted from the Industrial Workbench.

I created this as I noticed the lack of particle-based weapons, plus I am not a big fan of Va’ruun weapons look. I am a fan of the novalight, with no real rifle version. I like the look of the Novablaster so I used this model to create the Novarifle.

A few points:
– Is crafted at the Industrial Workbench
– Modable
– Is level compatible
– Is almost a direct copy of the Novablaster, besides the damage types and firing effects.
– Due to the current state of modding, the ammo count does not work, as xEdit currently does not support references. (Hopefully in the near future this can be solved!)

I have set the damage to not be as OP as the Va’ruun weapons but tried to keep in line with most others.


This should work with mod managers and manual installs.

Install via Vortex / or
Open the zip, drag the ‘data’ folder into the folder where you have Starfield installed – Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield
Add *Novaweapons.esm to your Plugins.txt


Wolvator M Dracuutus

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