Original Trilogy Lightsabers V1.4.9

Original Trilogy Lightsabers V1.4.9

A standalone mod for various melee weapons to lightsabers, a replacer option is also available.

You will need Plugins.txt enabler found here to be able to load the ESM: Plugins.txt Enabler

If you’re installing using Vortex:
Update the Vortex Starfield plugin to version 0.4.4 anything older will cause missing files!
Manually add the ESM to the Plugins.txt

If you’re installing using MO2 Beta:
Should just work.

Don’t use sTestFile in the starfieldcustom ini as this will break using Plugins.txt!

If you’re still having issues please check the big sticky post.

To spawn the lightsabers use the console command:
help lightsaber 4

Which will then give you the ItemID for the weapon.

I am aware that there are several variants of the ‘Hero’ lightsabers (afaik there are 3 variants of each) and have tried to create the best amalgamation of them.

Sound is now available as an optional file as it replaces the Wakizashi sounds.

Replacer version now re-made, find it in the Main Files section!

Replacer mod changes the following weapons:
Osmium Dagger (Darth Vader’s Lightsaber)
Barrow Knife (Luke Skywalker’s ESB Lightsaber)
Cutlass (Luke Skywalker’s ROTJ Lightsaber)
Rescue Axe (Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber)

Known Issues
Lighsaber blade bloom is inconsistant (Material or lighting issue, unfixable until we get the CK?).
Sounds replace the Wakizashi (Once the CK is available I should be able to make each saber have their respective sound).
If you’re submitting a bug report PLEASE add as much information as possible!

I personally use MO2 Beta as my preferred mod manager as it keeps the Starfield game folder clean.
If you still have issues with this mod using Vortex please try using MO2 instead.

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