Prequel Trilogy Lightsabers V1.5.2

Prequel Trilogy Lightsabers V1.5.2

Adds the Prequel Trilogy lightsabers to Starfield

You will need Plugins.txt Enabler to load the ESM, follow this mod’s description page on how to install it.

To spawn the lightsabers use the console command:
help lightsaber 4

Which will then give you the ItemID for the weapon.
Sounds for the lightsabers can be found on my previous mod.

Known Issues
Lighsaber blade bloom is inconsistent (Material or lighting issue, unfixable until we get the CK?).
Dooku’s lightsaber switches position when idle in 3rd person I have no Idea why. Animation issue?

I personally use MO2 as my preferred mod manager as it keeps the Starfield game folder clean.

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