STI 2011 (Modern 1911) V1.0

STI 2011 (Modern 1911) V1.0

Main Info

Weapon is standalone, Replacers and Leveled Lists integration are available as optional files.
Only main game attachments for now, plus different skins\materials for the slide and frame separately.

Optional files to replace the EON (also replaces the EON reload anim, highly recommended, cause the recoil is not excessive as in the 1911 original anim)

The standalone version you can only get with the console. Type: “help sti 4 weap”, and then “player.additem xxxxxxxx 1”.

More Info

The textures and attachments are WIP, and should not be considered final. But I’m pleased with the results for now, and that is why I’m sharing.

Should be all fine except for some material stuff, so let me know if everything works correctly for you.

Technical Info

Textures are packed into BA2 version 3 thanks to BAM, so they should load fast enough, they are 4k and 2k.

Main mod should be compatible with everything as it is completely standalone. Replacers will possibly conflict, and the Leveled List integration is a hard edit, which means it will conflict with anything that changes the the LL_Weapon_M1919 (which is the Leveled Lists entry for the M1911 knockoff).



Download mod

File File size
7z STI_2011-1-0 113 MB
7z STI_Eon_Replacer-1-0 66 KB
7z STI_LL_M1911-1-0 374 B
7z STI_M1911_Replacer-1-0 4 KB
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