Dynamic Inventory Models – SFSE V1.0

Dynamic Inventory Models - SFSE V1.0

SFSE plugin that dynamically changes the inventory menu actor model to the dialogue target NPC when you Trade with them.

About this mod:
If you ever wanted to Trade with a companion or crew member with them being actually traded with in the menu, then this mod may sound interesting to you.
This SFSE plugin changes the inventory menu actor model to match the trade dialogue target when Trading with an NPC.

Technical notes:
– Crew members and companions are supported (mod added ones should be too).
– The mod doesn’t change the model when buying or selling items so you can still shop as usual (e.g. try outfits on).
– If there’s no dialogue target (e.g. you just opened the “Data Menu”) the mod doesn’t do anything either, so it only affects the trade menu.
– Non human characters like Vasco are not supported (as they can’t equip outfits).

It’s basically a simple code patch, should be compatible with anything. Non vanilla companions and followers are supported as well, just make sure they are human (has keyword ActorTypeHuman) and either a crew member (they have one of the “Crew_” keywords too like Crew_CrewTypeCompanion or Crew_CrewTypeGeneric) or being flagged as a player follower (IsPlayerTeammate = true). (NPCs you can travel with usally meet all these criteria).

Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)

Can be installled any uninstalled anytime.



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