T77 7.77mm Pistol 2277 V1.0

T77 7.77mm Pistol 2277 V1.0

The T77 is a sleek futuristic 1911, produced by CombatTech as their main pistol from 2211 to 2311, when they were surprised with the XM 2311, a retro styled gun that took the markets and dethroned the T77. The CombaTech then decided to release the Eon, they though: “So they gonna make a goofy 2311 huh, I’m gonna make one more goofy.”

The pistol mains features are:
– Several attachments, receivers, sights, lasers, colors etc;
– Standalone version, and Eon replacer version which also replaces the Eon reload anim for the 1911 reload.

The Standalone version can only be acquired through console, type: “help T77 4 weap” and then: “player.additem xxxxxxxx 1”

More Info
After I made the P80 as the main pistol for the Alliance, I thought that the CombatTech also needed one, and nothing better than a Glock vs 1911 battle. So the CombatTech is presented with this, a more futuristic looking handgun than the P80 which is still realistic and cool.

Now I think I included most of the essential attachments from the vanilla game, the intention is to make them utilize misc mods so they can swap attachments in the future. But I haven’t managed to yet.

Tech Info
– Mod is all packed into BA2, so it should load fast. Some textures are 4k, most attachments are 1k or 2k.
– The weapon is a complete Standalone .esm and meshes and textures, which means it won’t conflict with anything else.
– The leveled list integration is a hard edit, which means that will conflict (non-harmful conflict) with any mod that changes the same LL entry.



Download mod

File File size
7z T77_1911Anims-1-0 89 MB
7z T77_EonAnims-1-0 89 MB
7z T77_EonLLInject-1-0 357 B
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