Va’ruun Viper V1.0

Va'ruun Viper V1.0

Filling out a contract from a mysterious Va’ruun proprietor, the engineers at TCV have designed an updated version of the inflictor pistol dubbed the Viper.

Finely crafted from materials befitting a command from The Great Serpent, it is a powerful and compact weapon, yet simple and elegant as would be expected.

Learn it. Keep it well, for if you serve the Great Serpent, the Great Serpent shall keep you well.

The Viper is a standalone weapon

What you get:
A brand new ultra-rare hand cannon that deals physical, energy, and poison damage
2 fire modes (Barrage, Semi)
Craftable quality up to tier 14 courtesy of Gambit77
Added as a rare drop from Va’ruun enemies and boss chests courtesy of Venpi

Very simple. Standard mod installation. Open the zip, drag the ‘data’ folder into the folder where you have
Starfield installed – Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield
Add *Va’ruun Viper.esm to your Plugins.txt
This should work with mod managers and manual installs.
REQUIRES Venpi Core. Add the esm to your Plugins.txt, the ba2 should load automatically if it is in your data folder

Starfield Community Patch – For balancing. Use without at your own risk.
Venpi’s Core Utilities – Probably a hard requirement. At the very least won’t show up in levelled lists. Haven’t tried running without.


Tau Ceti Voidworks

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File File size
zip Varuun Viper-1-0 55 MB
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