Weapon Skin Expansion Project (WSEP) – Ryujin X Combatech V1.0.2

Weapon Skin Expansion Project (WSEP) - Ryujin X Combatech V1.0.2

Adds Ryujin Skins for the Eon, Grendel, Beowulf, Hard Target, Drumbeat, Shotty, Pacifier, Kodama, Razorback, and Wakizashi. Textures come from BONeill’s Ryujin X Combatech retexture mod. Made with SF1Edit.

weapon skins, as well as new skins. The goal of the mods are to utilize an intentionally under developed part of the game to expand on player expression and give greater variety to the weapons of Starfield.

Weapon Skin Expansion Project Mods:
Ryujin X Combatech (10 Weapon Skins) [You are here]
Tacticool Black – Eon (1 Weapon Skin)

New Weapon Skins

This mod will add a new Ryujin themed weapon skin to 10 different weapons! Most weapon mods are also reskinned.
Hard Target
Drum Beat

How to Use?

All weapon skins will be available right away. Simply go to a Weapons Workbench and select the Skin mod slot to change to the Ryujin Skin.

All weapon skins do not require components to install on the weapon.

What’s Next?

Any new Ryujin Skins BONeill creates will be implemented as Skins into this mod.

My goal is to make the Ryujin Skins unlockable by getting a portion of the way into the Ryujin faction story. In addition to this I want to implement these skins in a lore friendly way, so that you have a chance to find Ryujin employees carrying weapons with these skins.

With the release of the Creation Kit for Starfield I will be spending some time understanding how to implement these ideas.

Additionally I have a number of other collaborations I am working on to add even more Weapon Skins to Starfield.

If you have a weapon retexture that you want to be turned into a weapon skins, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

How To Install?
Download and Install the RyujinXCombatech Main File from BONiell’s mod
Download and Install the Main File

Note: It is safe to install mid-playthrough, as well as uninstall. Before uninstalling it is ideal to unequip the Ryujin Skin before removing the plugin.

How to Update?
For minor updates (v1.0X) all you need to do is download the new file and overwrite the existing installation.
For major updates (v1.X0) you will need to redownload the .ba2 archive from BONeill’s mod page


MattTheSlayer24 and BONeill

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