* The Godfather’s Mods Company brings to u the 13th Paintjob pack for the TSA/SWR Single Trailers, B Double Trailers & Road Train Trailers in Flat Deck,Drop Deck & Belly Beck Designed Trailers with 25 Paintjobs in Total of Real Life Companys & Real Life Brands & Much More. All Paintjobs have been built with high detail and in the right modding format and all paintjobs are owned by The Godfather’s Mods Company and holds all right to the skins in the pack if used on any of your Livestreams or videos must be giving credit to fail to do so will lead to the pack been removed. Do Note the Harder Transport & Woody Woodpecker paintjob has 2 paintjob Designs but still counts as 1 in the pack.

Do Note since the latest October 2023 Update to the TSA/SWR Trailer Toolbox Paintjobs at the front on a Drop Deck B Double have a Black Paint issue its got nothing to do with my Paintjobs as its a SWR Customs Issue they have not fixed so for now its best to use flat beck or belly at the front of B Doubles and best to stay away from Road trains unless u use crome toolboxes that is the only way around the issue Do Note this Trailer works with 1.50x of ATS..

The Skins and Trailer work 100% fine with both ATS & ETS2..
* ATS Crusing Nebraska
* Aussie Transport
* Berthod Transports
* Cool Interstate Refrigerated Freight Services
* Cross Country Freight Solutions
* Dawson’s Hailage (Graeme Dawson & Sons)
* DBX Transport
* Dennis Transport
* Dyers Distribution Thunder Downunder
* Followmont Transport State Of Origin 2024
* Fred’s Interstate Transport
* Harder Transport (2 Paintjobs)
* J.D & Billy Hines Trucking
* Macheda Transport
* Mainfreight
* McCarthy Transport
* Native Transport
* Ozway Logistics
* Pateras Interstate Transport
* Rentco Transport
* Sterling Transportation
* Total Tools
* Walker Foundation Inc
* Woody Woodpecker (2 Paintjobs)
* Wyton Transport


The Godfather’s Mods Company

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