Increased Geometry Level of Detail V1.1

Increased Geometry Level of Detail V0.5

Allows the increase of the geometry level of detail slider above 1.0 without breaking the lod.

Long description incoming but its needed.

Allows the increase of the geometry level of detail slider above 1.0 without breaking the lod.

In the vanilla game the geometry level of detail is hard capped to 1.0, any value above this will result in parts of the lod and distant trees disappearing.

While looking through some of the files i found a way to increase the geometry level of detail above 1.0 while preventing the lods from breaking.

I have not been able to test this extensively and its not in the faultless state i would want to release it in but since people have been asking for a proper way to solve pop in i’d thought it would be worth to release it in its early stage.

If you find any bugs that are a result of the lodscale being higher be sure to report it here.

The extended LOD mod already available on this site only increases the detail of the lods but doesnt edit the actual lodscale, this mod actually increases the
Geometry level of detail meaning that it will come with all the benefits it provides such as:

– rendering props, peds and small plants at a further range
– increases the range where trees turn into imposters so no more tree pop in
– everything that the extended lod mod already does

All in all a objective improvement, provided it actually works properly and you are able to run it.

Current limitations:
– the way the lod is set up in this game makes it so that there can only be a 0.25 difference between the highest and lowest setting in the geometry level of detail slider (in vanilla this is lodscale 0.75 to lodscale 1.0) this means i will have to make different versions with increments of 0.25 and not a unified version with a large range of options.

– In the west grizzlies area the lod_hd does not have a snow shader on it nor a snow texture, this will cause a weird transition when moving away or towards it, normally the lod_hd will be covered up by the default level of detail. To fix this issue i have provided an optional file that will set the lod_mult_hd to 0.5 this wil revert only that lod level to its vanilla state so its not that big of a deal but im aiming to fix it.

Whew thanks for reading all that stuff, i realise its alot and im sure some of you might skip past it (which is fine) but i wanted to atleast explain this stuff correctly.

Just extract the zip and put the folder in your lml install.



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