Boreman LED Marker Lights v 1.6


[v1.6] Changed amber LED light-mask; added amber & red blinker variants; added more “suitable_for” entries
[v1.5a] Fixed missing beacon suitable.
[v1.5] Added new strobe modes: left & right
[v1.4] Textures for non-standard colours got completely re-done, textures size significantly reduced, all flares replaced, all flare definition colour data tweaked, “led + strobe” variant now casts light when strobe is off.
[v1.3] Tweaked amber and yellow flares, increased range of static flares by 0.1m; increased strobe flares range to 2.5m, tweaked the 3D model of the light housing, added extender add-on.
[v1.2] New flares, 2 new strobe variants, tweaked flare data, added some new suitables.
[v1.12] Twekaed the amber LED light colour and flare; tweaked the position of the models to reduce compatibility issues with some parts/mods; added new compatible suitable_for parts.
[v1.11] Added support for: Peterbilt 387 by Viper2, Peterbilt 579 by Tom Dooley, Freightliner FLB by Harven, Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth
[v1.1]Reduced the physical size of the models about 5%; slightly increased the length and angle of flare light cast; added 5 colours: amber, blue, cyan, green, purple

What’s up fellow truckers?
I’m here to present you some nice bling for your trucks, the Boreman LED markers. Made from scratch in Blender Tools, with high quality lamp texture and light mask.
Mod supports a wide range of modded trucks. Full support for my Kelsa Light-bars for DAF.

Special thanks to Csabee and abasstreppas for a comprehensive lists of “suitable_for” variables.


HQ 3d model
Custom flares
Custom light-mask
8 light colours: white, light orange, red, amber, blue, cyan, green, purple
2 strobe variants: strobes only or strobes + backlight
3 strobe modes: single alternate, left, right
Amber & red blinker variants – IMPORTANT- Red blinker has limited functionality in ETS 2

Doubles the range of static flares, increases range of strobes by 1m. Place above the main package

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive, unpack it, place the included mod files in the mod folder.


obelihnio, SCS Software

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