Changelog v2.3:
updated truck to ATS 1.39
updated engine sounds to newest kriechbaum sounds
updated truck info screen to use scs 389 files
added rised fifthwheel for lower chassis
added support for Cabin Accessories DLC
fixed bugs

– Standalone
– Purchased in the cabin of Peterbilt
– Lot cabins
– Lot chassis
– 2 types of interior (old / modern panel) with lots of settings
– Own sounds
– Own wheels
– Extensive tuning


3D model Ivan (Haulin)
ATS/GTS and building: Kenworth58(2)
GTS: Iljaxas
Parts: Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier
Convert в ETS 2: “dmitry68”, “Stas556”
Sound: Kriechbaum
Support: Solutech
Change: maxx2504, ED101, Kriechbaum, V2obert, Harven, viper2

Download mod

FileFile size
rar Peterbilt389_2.3_ats_139310 MB
rar Alcoa_wheel_1.314 MB
zip Peterbilt_389_v2.0_Template29 MB
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9 Comments on “PETERBILT 389 MODIFIED V2.3 ATS 1.39”

  1. hi wollte ma wissen,da bei mir nur ein anschluss ( kabel) angezeigt bzw angeschlossen ist op das so sein soll wenn ja wird das noch geändert so das es 2 anschlüsse sind .

  2. No one feels the price of the truck is too low? I would really appreciate if someone would slightly raise it 😀

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