SCS + RJL Scania R&S Dashboard g.3 1.39

SCS + RJL Scania R&S Dashboard g.3 1.39

Choose wich you want use but use only 1 per profile, Download and unpack it, Drop .scs file in to “mod” folder,
Activate it in modmager and leave it on top most place on mod’s list.
Sure you can download all 3 variant’s but as mentioned above,
activate only 1 per profile.

This is custom functional and readable onboard computer for SCS Scania R and Streamline.
Work with RJL or others Scania modded trucks which use same dashboard layout.
Atleast works SCS Scania R&&Streamline + R&Streamline by RJL.
~ Increased font size and shape for readability.
~ Added some new (V1.39) SCS features like trip average speed and trip time in hours and minutes.
On some trucks trip info may show incorrect data, so reset trip info.
Be sure that you assign key in Button game settings.

Link 1 Blue V8 Logo = High blue
Link 2 Chrome V8 Logo
Link 3 Red V8 Logo


Author: piva, JoTaDa
Credit’s: piva, JoTaDa
Improved, Edited&Updated;: JoTaDa

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One Comment on “SCS + RJL Scania R&S Dashboard g.3 1.39”

  1. I have both a 2009 Scania R and a Streamline Topline and the dashboard in both doesn’t look at all like your screenshots above. I don’t know if the mod is not loading or something. I put it at the top so it has the highest priority.

    What am I missing?

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