Scania Touring 1.38

Scania Touring 1.38

Scania Touring Muhammad Husni Open Beta 1.38
(Fixed by Bimo Wahyu Saputro ft Aditya Nugraha)

This mod tested 1.38 version

1.Added new Door Animation & Window Animation [Only Eu Cabin]
2.Added new sound (FMOD Support)
3.Rebuild new base from 1.36
4.Removing Running text crash issue

Sold at Scania
2 cabins
2 chassis
Own interior
Own sound
DLC Cabin Accessories Support
Interior lighting for passe

remember this mod is under our supervision,
all if proven to change or take parts of,
this mod model there is no further.


Muhammad Husni,Bimo Wahyu Saputro,Aditya Nugraha

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zip Scania_Touring__1.38_Open_Beta_52 MB
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2 Comments on “Scania Touring 1.38”

  1. “remember this mod is under our supervision” That part I get. What the hell does the rest ranslate to in english?

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