1 mod 2 FERRY them all 1.50.0

1 mod 2 FERRY them all 1.46

08.06.2024. new in 1.50.0 :
* added support for Maldives and Beyond map
* added support for Italy Map Project (IMP)

05.03.2024. new in 1.49.3:
* Rhodes optimized with ROEX
* Tripoli connected to Izmir
* Maghreb, Africa, Road to Africa optimized
* North Afrika support added and optimized
* Minor correction in Russian Open Spaces
* Rerouting for BOT Belushia Guba due to defected port

29.02.2024. new in 1.49.2 :
* full and copmplete Africa, Asia and Russia connections
* Belt of Tundra disconnected from Helsinki
* Belt of Tundra corrected, optimized and connected to ROS and RTA
* redefined, corrected ferries for Russian Open Spaces (ROS)
* TransSiberian railroad optimized and connected
* West Africa map optimized and connected
* Heart of Africa corrected, optimized and connected
* Road into Wilderness corrected, optimized and connected
* Road into wilderness connected with West Africa, JRR and SEA
* South East Asia fully optimized and connected to RTA, JRR and Russia
* Road to Africa optimized and connected to Capetown, JRR, SEA and ROEX
* Tripoli connected to Istanbul, Napoli, Durres, Palermo and Annaba
* Euroafrica corrected and synchronised with other lines
* compatible with ALL map combos; promods, non-promods, WB merge…
* if in any case that’s not the case, let me know 🙂

09.02.2024. new in 1.49.1 :
* EAA connected via Roscoff
* Roscoff connected to Dover

08.02.2024. new in 1.49.0 :
* EAA connected via Plymouth and Santander

05.02.2024. new in 1.48.2 :
* Belt of Tundra disconnected from Gdansk and Helsinki
* Belt of Tundra connected to RTA, ROS and Off the Grid map

21.11.2023. new in 1.48.1 :
* minor corrections in UK ports
* adapted for UK Rebuild map

22.10.2023. new in 1.48.0 :
* adapted for West Balkans DLC

02.07.2023. new in 1.47.0 :
* ferry support for Altai map via Sibir and Wuqia
* Sibir – Calais connection removed

19.02.2023. new in 1.46.7 :
* redefined ferry support for West Africa (all versions should work)
* minor corrections between Formachevo and RTA China
* Caspian and Black sea corrections and extended support

10.02.2023. new in 1.46.6 :
* added correct support for Maldives, Balearic islands and Ibiza
* minor corrections and extended support in Mediterranean sea

05.02.2023. new in 1.46.5 :
* redifined, corrected ferries and added extra support for Roads of Chunghwa (R.O.C.)
* not showing Pula, Zadar, Ancona ports in specific map combos; fixed by Mich

04.02.2023. new in 1.46.4 :
* minor corrections and extended support in Mediterranean sea

03.02.2023. new in 1.46.3 :
* added support for Greenland Expanded
* minor corrections in Adriatic sea

02.02.2023. new in 1.46.2 :
* added ferry support for Southeast Asia map ver0.2.1.1(Fix)
* corrected JRR ferry Merak – Calais

31.01.2023. new in 1.46.1 :
* added ferry support for all the maps available on 01 february 2023.
* Tallin – Kirov – Barnaul connection for Altay map (it is what it is)
* All ferries revised and synchronised for ALL compatible maps in game
* Worldwide all the seas and oceans 360 globe = 100 % coverage completed

Ferry mod that combines and connects ALL available maps giving better
compatibility overall in map combinations and job selections.
Redifined, synchronised, cleaned ferries with no wrong trip durations

* load above every map and give highest priority to work
* Compatible with all available maps and always will be
* The only ferry mod you’ll ever need

ETS 2 and ATS world map combo LOAD ORDER by

enjoy your ride or report your issue



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