Sith Cult Outfits (Standalone or Varuun Replacer) V1.0

Sith Cult Outfits (Standalone or Varuun Replacer)

Always two there are, no more, no less.

Looking for some cool new outfits or want to add something to your Star Wars total conversion?
I bring you two new outfits: The Sith Trooper and Sith Ambassador.
You have the option to install a standalone version that simply adds the two outfits to the game or the replacer version which replaces the Varuun spacesuit and Varuun ambassador (and also the Tomisar) outfit.

What you get:

Sith Trooper spacesuit (Armor, Helmet, Backpack)
Sith Ambassador outfit (apparel)

The Sith Trooper boostpack uses the FX of the Varuun boostpack. I changed it so it fits the new mesh. Therefore the boost effect of the original varuun spacesuit will look of. If you don’t want that, use the optional file and replace the ba2 archive.
If you choose the standalone version, the two new outfits will be craftable at the industrial workbench.
If you choose the replacer version, the Varuun spacesuit will be replaced by the Sith Trooper armor and the Varuun Ambassador outfit will be replaced by the Sith Ambassador outfit. They won’t be craftable at the industrial workbench. You have to aquire them as you would in the base game.
The armors don’t have morph files. So you might get some clipping if you are using high values for weight or muscles. There is also only one model for male and female characters.

Use a mod manager.
Manual Installation:
Extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.
If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:



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