Anatolian Trucker Map v 5.0 1.50

Anatolian Trucker Map v1.0 1.45

Cities and Areas:

1) Kuşadası : Main Area
2) Kuşadası Liman : Sea Port of Kuşadası
3) Kuşadası Outlet: Shopping Mall Area of Kuşadası
4) Davutlar : Traditional Village and Farming Area District of Kuşadası
5) Selçuk Main Road : Between Kuşadası and Selçuk ( will be develop next time )
6) Panoramic Viewpoints
7) Secret Roads
8) Resting Areas
9) You Can Drive Every Corner of Map.
10) Very Detailed Places for Fun, Multiplayer, Roleplays and Photo-Video Recordings
11) Güzelçamlı : Seasonal Residential Area , District of Kuşadası
12) Milli Park : National Park of Kuşadası Turkiye
13) Satelite Maps and Specialized Navigation and Interfaces
and more….

Anatolian Trucker Map is completely real standalone map in a 1:1 scale. ( Real Cities )
This map mod compatibility only with full versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Do not run with BETA versions !
Never Published for BETA versions in anytime !

– Leipzig road improvement complete
– Mannheim road connection complete
– Lille road connection complete
– Nürnberg road connection complete
– Some enviromental fix and improvements are complete

4.0 directly integrated with original vanilla map!
It will not being any standalone map or something
Forever you can play with your original europe map inside
Except Promods, you can play with your map combos

1.46 Full Game Version

V3.0 Final 2022-12-05
Anatolian Trucker Map Final 3.0 Version
Some bugs and mistakes are fixed and renew map and logo.


Anatolian Trucker

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