Impulse Drive V1.1

Impulse Drive V1.1

Traveling to other planets or moons without a loading screen, if desired, with the switchable impulse drive.

It always felt to me like I was stuck to the planet in space, there was no way to move away quickly and experience the size of space. Or to travel to another planet with a reasonable speed.

Now it is possible to travel at very high speed by switching on the impulse drive
to other planets, moons or even systems (theoretically).

By switching on the booster, extremely high speeds can also be achieved.
The impulse drive can be switched off or the speed adjusted at any time during flight.

The higher the speed, the longer it takes to slow down. So hit the brakes in good time, otherwise you will miss the planet.

How it works

The impulse drive is switched on via a configurable hotkey (CTRL-T). At that moment, via a script
the ship values:


are set to maximum. Before this, however, the default values are temporarily stored in the ship variables Variable02-Variable04. In order to restore the ship’s own values when the drive is switched off. This ensures that each ship can be reset to its default values.
These variables are currently not used by the vanilla game, so I misused them for this purpose.

Additionally the GodMode is activated to be able to use the booster during the flight without consuming its energy, therefore the speed can be increased more and more. (And accidents due to collisions are avoided)

Without using the booster, the impulse speed is limited, depending on the ship values.

When the impulse drive is switched off, everything is of course reversed.

Note: If you are flying very fast to a distant planet or moon, the objects you are approaching may not be loaded. You have the marker, but the object is not there. I have been looking for a long time for a way to reload the objects with a command, unfortunately the only possibility at the moment is a save/reload.
However, as you may switch the drive on and off more frequently during a flight, it seemed to me that the best option would be not to include an automatic save/reload cycle when the drive is switched off, but to initiate a save/reload via a configurable hotkey (CTRL-S) if required.
However, this only works if the impulse drive is switched off and you are flying the ship yourself.

Save/reload no longer necessary with V1.1. Instead objects in space can be reloaded with Ctrl-R. However, the save/reload code is still available and a save/reload can still be carried out with Ctrl-S.

Configure hotkey:

The default is CTRL-T for impulse drive on/off and Ctrl-R (CTRL-S for save/reload) for Reload Space if the objects have not been loaded.

In the file SFSE\Plugins\ConsoleCommandRunner\Impulsedrive.toml
the hotkeys can be changed.

Either install via a mod manager or manually copy the unzipped files into the Starfield Data folder.

Requires: Console Command Runner Updated


The ActorValue variables 02-05 are attached to the respective ship. As long as these variables are not used by another mod or by an update from Bethesda, there should be no incompatibilities.



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