Andreja’s Hair Replacer – 22 Hairstyles V1.0

Andreja's Hair Replacer - 22 Hairstyles V1.0

Since the June update, certain mods like HAIR FOR ANDREJA by Varenhine have unfortunately become obsolete. At least, their installation has become more complicated as it required the use of external tools like the NifSkope Tool to fix mesh adressing errors (Otherwise, you would end up with an invisible head).

This mod eliminates all that hassle and allows you to install your chosen hairstyle effortlessly.

The Fomod installer that comes with this mod makes the installation even simpler and clearer.

You can obviously only install one hairstyle at a time (however, if you want to change the hairstyle at any time in your game, simply rerun the installer and choose your new hairstyle, which will overwrite the old one).

Fully Compatible with the June 9, 2024 update and above (1.12.30+ update).

Currently includes:

Viking Braids
Short Ponytail
Hairspray Bob
High and Tight
Short Loc
Cropped Bang
Wavy Business
Finger Waves
Messy Updo
Whitney Curls
Tousled Bob
Messy Business
Straight Bob
Top Bun
Messy Bob
Hollywood Curl


Choose your favorite hairstyle (see screenshots above).

It is preferable to use Vortex since the mod is designed to work with it (as it comes with a FOMOD installer).

Vortex (highly recommended):

Standard installation:

Simply download the mod (“mod manager download”);
The installer will launch and you just need to follow the instructions;

Manual installation (not recommended):

Download the mod;
Open the archive or extract it;
Choose ONLY ONE hairstyle version (for example, “Messy Bob”);
Copy and paste the ‘data’ folder into your Starfield game’s root directory;



Download mod

File File size
zip Andrejas Hair Replacer - 22 Hairstyles - V1.0 18 MB
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