Bartoland map 1:1 v 2.7 1.48

Bartoland map 1:1 v1.0

This map now includes:

– 140 towns or cities;
– 465 enterprises;
– 90 garages;
– 2200 kms of roads and paths scale 1/1;
– required a new profile;
– required all map DLC’s.

and of course new and original decor…

Bartoland, Map for ETS2 1.48, is a scale 1 map, starts in Vendée.
It is not a recopy of reality, This is not a copy of reality, I respect the best routes on the main roads,
I place in the villages elements copying the reality,
I respect the regional elements at best, but I loose myself for everything else.

All Dlcs are necessary.
The map is planned to expand, and I need a lot of different elements to give free rein to my imagination.


Mac Adame

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