ProMods 2.41 + RusMap 1.9.0 Road Connection v 4.2

Fix for connection Promods 2.41 + Rusmap 1.9.0.
The adaptation for the current version of maps (patch 1.35).
Fixed bugs leading to crashes.
Test version 1.35

Changes v4.2
1. Fixed “pink” texture, taking place to be in the north of Russia.
2. Fixed bugs with police cars, as well as the lack of traffic numbers in the sections of Kandalaksha – Alakurti and Kandalaksha – Kem.
3. Not significant cosmetic changes.



ProMods 2.41 + RusMap 1.9.0 Road Connection v 4.2
3.5 (70%) 2 vote[s]

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FileFile size
rar PM230_RM_v131_roadconnection7 MB
rar PPM2.41_RM1.9.0_v1.35_roadconnection7 MB
rar PPM2.41_RM1.9.0_v1.35_roadconnection_v48 MB
rar PPM2.41_RM1.9.0_v1.35_roadconnection_v4.29 MB
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2 Comments on “ProMods 2.41 + RusMap 1.9.0 Road Connection v 4.2”

  1. Just a stupid map done without any care! A waste of my time and download money. Streets are way too small and tight, too many stupid signs, speeds are wrong, old tolls that dont open! Are you kidding or something???? Trying to get to Barcelona from Toulouse is sad and funny… This “mod” is typical of a generation that has forgotten quality. Seems to be the product of some kid who doesnt even drive what he thinks he has so “wonderfully” created. a heavy-ass waste of time, full of bugs according to Console!

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