Ryujin Apartment 306 V1.0.1

Ryujin Apartment 306

I’ve been very excited for the new CK to come out and one of the first things I planned to do since finishing the Ryujin questline was to add a Ryujin home for players. This mod was made pretty quickly to check out how the new CK compares.

To begin, pick up the dropped note in front of the door and begin your search.

Feel free to use this as a base for a mod you want to make (all I ask is to be credited lol) or definitely show off what you do with the apartment by posting user pictures!

To install, just drop the file into your data folder in steamapps, and activate it in the in-game Creations menu, or use your fave mod manager such as MO2.


– Unmarked quest to obtain the key to the new home.
– A Ryujin apartment that you are able to decorate like other player homes or your ship.
– The stove in the kitchen can be used to craft food

Future plans:

– In the future I would like to add a second version that is decorated for my main character and release it as a separate download on this page for folks who may be interested in that version.
– Things recommended by ya’ll maybe??

Picture Hints for House Key:

Hint 1:
Ryujin Apartment 306

Hint 2:
Ryujin Apartment 306



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