BC-Belka accessory v 2.3 1.41 – 1.46

BC-Belka accessory v1.3 1.41 - 1.43

The modification allows you to purchase various accessories for your truck.Create your style using high-quality lights and accessories created by the Belka Customs workshop.Any modification that adds slots is required to work correctly..

-9 variants “Hella Double Burners” (Orange, white, red, mixed..)
-16 variants badges of grill plates. 2 options Chrome, Plastic (Super, Besser, Vabis and others..)
-505 variants of sidemarkers “Gylle”. 5 glow options (6Led,E-mark,X-style,Neon,Lamp). 7 options (Short, Frontal, Long and others..) different colors
-180 variants front mudflaps. 6 Sizes [50×18] [50×25] [50×30] [60×18] [60×25] [60×30]. 2 types: black or with a white stripe of different brands (Daf, Volvo, Scania and others)
-18 variants of “lollipops”. 2 options Plastic, Paint (Orange, white, red, mixed..)
-24 variants for top lights: Old School and New School with two types of work DRL (from ignition) and PRK (from sidemarkers). 2 options Plastic, Paint
-24 variants of top lights Scania on the roof. 2 options (Left, Right). 3 Colors. 2 options Plastic, Paint

For version 1.45.x



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