Realistic Vanilla Company Skins v 2.0

High Resolution Company Skins v1.2

More than 200 new/improved skins with added slogans, web addresses, phone numbers and more
Texture size increased to 4K to remove pixelation
Support for DLC companies from Scandinavia, France, Italy, the Baltic States, the Black Sea and Iberia, as well as Krone and Schwarzmüller trailers
Compatible with all types of trailers
Works with most other trailer mods
Note that sample images shown here are only 2K textures to fit within the workshop image size limit.

Changelog for version 1.2:

– Added initial compatibility with Heart of Russia DLC trailer skins
– Added redesigned company trailers included in 1.44
– Reduced mod size for Steam Workshop subscribers

For version 1.44.x



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File File size
zip High_Resolution_Company_Skins 600 MB
zip Realistic_Vanilla_Company_Skins 482 MB
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