Scania 143 sound addon for FMOD 1.37

Scania 143 sound addon for FMOD 1.37

Done converting my 3 Sounds(L6, V6 and V8) for Scania 143M by Ekualizer,truck works in 1.37 but missed windows anim and sound but i can manage to convert old sounds to FMOD.
Scania L and V6 and from mod itself and V8 is from kriechbaum.
L6 sound is engines ranging from 360 to 380,V6 from 400 to 420 and at last, the KING V8 from 450 to 500 HP.



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  1. Totally useless .bank files, that nowone can’t even open. There is enough file formats, no need to newones.

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