Iveco EuroStar/EuroTech/EuroFyre v 1.1 1.43

Iveco EuroStar_EuroTech_EuroFyre
I have restored everything I could based on my knowledge on the subject.
If there is any discrepancy it means that it is not part of my cultural background
reminding you that I am not a veteran on the subject.
The mod has been tested for a long time and with extreme professionalism
from Baltazar, he grinded thousands and thousands of miles and gave me details
reports of strengths and weaknesses worthy of a mechanical engineer.
If you use the dedicated Sisl package remember to also have the Sisl_Mega_Pack mod active.
The package must be unpacked, inside you will find:
Template folder, Iveco Eurostar_Eurotech_Eurofyre, Trailer.

The package includes three mods:
IVECO EuroStar – EuroTech Accessories scs
– Internal SiSL’s accessories (Requied: SiSL Mega Pack mod)
keep with priority more than the truck
IVECO EuroStar – EuroTech v1.31.scs
Available in IVECO dealers includes the IVECO EuroStar and EutoTech model:


– 1 cabin
– 1 chassis 4×2
– 1 chassis BDF 4×2
– 1 chassis BDF 6×2
– 8 engines
– 3 transmissions
– 1 interior
– Sounds changes with engine


– 2 cabins
– 1 chassis 4×2
– 1 chassis BDF 4×2
– 1 chassis BDF 6×2
– 6 engines
– 3 transmissions
– 1 interior
– Sounds

– External accessories
– Internal DLC accessories (Requied: dlc toys)

– 6 curtainsider truck with real logos
– 4 refrigerated truck with real logos

Cargo Pallets for BDF, available in 162 companies.


Base model: Diablo, Ant457, KOKI, Drive Safely
BDF Skins: by Maury
Sound IVECO: Kriechbaum
Sound Cursor: badass22
Pallets: by Maury, Stealsth, iconRJ

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