Kamaz 54901/К5 v 2.1 1.50

Kamaz 54901/К5 v1.3 1.40

Cabins: High/Low/Narrow
Chassis: 4×2/6×2/6×2 midlift+bdf/6×4/6×4 bdf
Engines: Kamaz 910.10 Euro5
Transmissions: ZF 12TX
Interior: Exclusive, Poor, Standard
Paintjobs/Skins included
Lots of customizations for interior and exterior parts

Tested for ETS2 1.50


Fixed the on-board computer
Now there is a BDF Trailer, it does not replace anything, it is registered in your car dealership
A lightbar has also been added to the KAMAZ cabins so that additional lighting can be installed so that it is brighter to drive at night
Tubboxtor accessory, now a working GPS navigator

Removed the defect on the windows in the interior they lacked texture
Restored the KAMAZ pennants
Removed the defect when the vinyls lay very poorly on the cabin
Imade my own engine sound,


Minor edits
Fixed the tachometer needle


Lacoste36, Valera Rusakov, Alex Kaiser.

2.4/5 - (21 votes)

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File File size
zip KamAZ-54901-140 73 MB
zip kamaz_54901_5_v1_3_1.42 205 MB
zip KamAZ-54901-143 73 MB
zip zKamaz_54901_1.49.x 507 MB
zip zKamaz_54901_1.49.x_1_50 522 MB
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