Man TGA v 1.7.2 (MADster) FMod & Open Window 1.46

MAN TGA v1.6


-Standalone truck
-3 cabins
-15 Chassis with different variants
-22 engines (Euro 3, 4 & v10)
-16 Transmissions
-8 Interiors EU & UK
-Tuning Parts included
-Cabin Accessories
-Have its own sound
-Clean Game logs

Changelogs v1.7.2
-Fixed GPS
-Updated model version
-Adapted for 1.46

Changelogs v1.7
– Updated model version
– Updated mod logo
– Updated manifest
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated for patch 1.45xx

Changelog v1.6.3
Update for 1.42

Changelog v1.6.2
Bug fixes Updated interior textures Minor interior model update Updated Goodyear pack items Added 4×4 heavy chassis option Added unique interior glass set Renamed Yellow tint to Xenon Yellow Added new Xenon Blue headlight option Added ZF TraXon gearbox options (source ZF)

Chengelog v1.6.1

Bundles Sunscreen Text, Heavy Haul Lights & Cabin Toys TGA mods
Multiple def file bug fixes for 1.40.xx
Updated Steam Inventory Items
Pruned redundant files from mod
Partially re-activates dashboard table
Reduced the ratio of the 12 speed “Heavy Duty” gearbox to 4.00
Added 540Bhp E4 engine with engine badge
Removed a wiper level and tweaked the wiper animation speeds to match SCS trucks ( 3 levels)
Tweaked the 5th wheel texture slightly to make it easier to see.
Added SCS DLC compatibility as standard

Features v 1.6:

-Better 5Star skin quality
-Added new skin “MAN Stripes”
-Added animated cables
-Added 6×2/2 non steerable midlift chassis
-Added extra gearboxes with lowdeck gear ratios
-Added manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected
-Added yellow flares for yellow lights
-Included new mirror system
-Steam inventory paintjobs and cabin accessories compatible
-Fixed “shiny” icons
-Fixed interior materials
-Fixed default paintjobs
-Various fixes and improvemets

Changes from 20.11.20
– Reduced turbocharger sound.
– Dealership problem is fixed ( by your mod environment, two TGA trucks shows. But it’s normal behavior) .

Fix adapts MAN TGA from MADster to work on game version 1.39.x
– Added window animation
– Sounds adapted to FMOD

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MADster, CobraBlue6, VasilyEVR

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