John Marston Restored and Enhanced V1.0.2

John Marston Restored and Enhanced V1.0

A mod that restores and enhances the experience of playing as John Marston in the epilogue as well as improves the appearance and function of his NPC counterpart.

The purpose of this mod is to either alter or eliminate as many “Arthur” assets as possible from John’s appearance. We highly recommend to use Extended John Marston Animations along side our mod. 

The majority of changes are made to John’s assets to enhance his appearance. Some of our enhancements have been used before, but some have never seen the light of day.

Before we start with the showcase, we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for at least taking an interest in this mod, We worked really hard in making sure that John feels as different as possible from Arthur while also fixing some stuff on the way. We hope this is something you’d enjoy!

Our clothing and our additional bonus content can be found at any Trapper across the map.

John Marston Restored and Enhanced

John Marston Restored and Enhanced V1.0

We use a complex metadata system called the Dynamic Trigger System (patent pending) that we developed for this mod that allows the game to distinguish between John and Arthur and call appropriate models accordingly.

In normal human language this means that if you equip a shirt for example, we can load unique models under the same entry for both Arthur and John. This allows us to make Arthur and John distinguishable from each other. 

Requires the latest Lenny’s Mod Loader
Requires ASI Loader

Drop the “lml” folder and the scripts into Red Dead Redemption 2 directory. 

Known issues:
Clothing preview might not load correctly

Merged files:
Obtainable Arthur and John Bounty Posters – catalog_sp.ymt
Pardon Letters – catalog_sp.ymt


HeisenbussyMods – EnergiDaan – Dmcs1917 – Xuru – iAbokai

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