Volvo F88 by XBS v 1.4.1 1.40

Standalone trucks, Sold in Volvo Dealer shop.

Chassis: 4×2, 6×2 lift axle, 6×4.
Cabin: Long Cab, Short cab.
Engines: D100b-200Hp, TD100a-260Hp, TD120a-330Hp.
Transmissions: R60 (8-speed), SR61 (16 speed).

Made a 1.40 fast fix for this awesome trucks. Lights, glasses and mirrors are reworked + better settings for engines. Just put my fix above other Volvo F88 mods (the whole truck, DLC addon and sound fixes for 1.39). Dashboard might look weird and dark, but do not worry, it is lit during the night. And there are still no opening windows, I’m sorry but I cannot make it done. I hope you all enjoy this tiny fix until the official update by XBS.


XBS, PikPikker

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FileFile size
rar volvo_f88_v1.4.139 MB
rar XBS_volvo_f88_fix1 MB
zip volvo_f88_140_fix324 KB
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One Comment on “Volvo F88 by XBS v 1.4.1 1.40”

  1. Great, this historical truck is back, but those sounds are still crap. Is there better sound mod for this Volvo, and i mean real life truck sounds, not any stubid pipe sounds. I’ve been riding many times in this Volvo in the past, and the brakes didn’t scream like that. Even if the brake sounds get off, something is still missing from the real Volvo sound

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