Fleet Missions time reduced with PowerUps and more

Fleet Missions time reduced with PowerUps and more

This mod reduces the time for missions using Fuel Oxidiser by 85%, x2 bonuses from other Power Ups, 100% purchaseble frigates, x2 Bonuses from missions.

!Working with the last update 11.06.2020!
After messing with game files I managed to reduced time for missions with the help of Frigate Consumables fuel Oxidiser and changed the bonuses from missions x2, credits base from 1250 to 12500.
Power Ups (industrial, diplomacy, Combat, trade) changed from 10 to 20.
You can purchase all the frigates. Maximum number of frigates that you can have is 30.
Using Fuel Oxidiser and frigates with time reduction bonus might give you 0:0:0 time of completion, but is ok will still get rewards from that mission and instant mission finished.

*WARNING* DO NOT USE MORE THAN 1 FUEL OXIDISER, or it will give and negative time for mission completion. You can use more than 2 other Power Ups together.

WIP: Did not figured yet how to reduced the 24h refresh for missions table.

Installation: Place .pak file into game steamapps > common > No Man’s Sky > GAMEDATA > PCBANKS > MODS

If the MODS folder doesn’t exist, create it first, then re-name DISABLEMODS.txt within PCBANKS to ENABLEMODS.txt.



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