3 Star Curiosity Finder and Scanner V1.1

3 Star Curiosity Finder and Scanner V1.1

Curiosity Finder & Scanner ( Have your dream nanites farm in no time !)

The main purpose i wrote this mod is to help me find 3 Star curiosities quick, specially running mold to help me build my nanites farm, as it takes forever to spot those curiosities on a planet surface.

Installation notes:

The installation process is straight forward, just unpack the archives to you mod folder, i recommend using vortex for that as it will make life much easier later on.

How to use:

1. load your game normally.
2. Start Scanning using the normal scanner ( Not though the binoculars) while on foot once a curiosity has been found it will show the icon hovering above.

3.Once a curiosity has been found, this means that the planet has this particular type of curiosity allover, if you are looking for another type, then move to another planet, don’t waste time!

4.Important Note for players who wish to build their nanites farm using running mold, after you find the mold clusters quit the game and go to Vortex mod manager and disable the scanner mod, get back in the game start scanning and u will be able to spot the curiosity cluster quite easily.

Please note: keeping the scanner mod active will definitely increase the deposits on the surface in a very CHEATY and unrealistic way, also found deposits using this mod will not remain in place once its deactivated so if you wish to find a permanent
spot for running mold. don’t build your base yet disable the mod first find a deposit and then build.


Pyronox Omega

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