Free Suit Upgrades

Free Suit Upgrades

Makes exosuit slot upgrades free and repeatable

Now that mso53 has labeled his mod as defunct, I have picked it up. I wrote new scripts in C# for NMS Mod Builder. I have updated the Lua script as well.

That said, Free Suit Upgrades fives you just what the name says, exosuit upgrades don’t cost anything at the space station and there is no need to fly to umpteen different systems to upgrade as the action is repeatable. Drop suit pods found on planetary surfaces will allow repeated interactions.

The version number will always approximate the NMS version that it is compiled for. 3.91a is for version 3.91. The ‘a’ is my first release. If I have to update while a given version number is the same, then we’ll get a ‘b’

This mod edits only two files that are rarely edited by anything else:



Bladehawke and mso53

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File File size
7z bFreeSuitSlots-3-97a 44 KB
7z bFreeSuitSlots - LUA ONLY-3-91a 1 KB
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