Navigation Data Buff V1.0.1

Navigation Data Buff V1.0.1

Retains navigation data’s usage in the endgame by nerfing the exocraft structure scanner.

do you regularly discard your navigation data or let it sit in your inventory for ages?
do you wish they had more use?
do you miss the cartographer?

well here’s the mod for you! NavigationDataBuff nerfs the exocraft structure scanner so that it only detects alien monoliths and trading posts. get your stacks of navigation data and say hello to the nearest cartographer, because you’re gonna be friends with them for a while!

HUGE thanks to Xen0nex for providing the basic structure of the mod, because i am very new to modding and have no idea what i’m doing!
nothing major should break so this mod is safe to install, but if anything breaks tell me in posts and i might be too confused to solve them.



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